Personalising Cancer, Fertility & Me

DC Labs is part of a project is to create a video-based, personalised decision aid for young women who have been diagnosed with cancer and need to make time-sensitive choices about preserving their future fertility. The tool will support the provision of healthcare by assisting patients in making informed decisions at what is often a very stressful time.

The existing decision aid tool was developed by a consortium of clinical and academic partners in 2020, with the support of Yorkshire Cancer Research, and takes the form of a printed booklet. Whilst the booklet has been shown to have a positive impact on patients’ ability to make fertility decisions, it contains a large amount of information that is not always relevant to the patient using it. This can make the booklet confusing to use.

This project will look at applying and extending personalised storytelling techniques developed within Digital Creativity Labs to create an individually-tailored version of the decision support tool.

This will be developed as an interactive video using DC Labs’ Unity-based Cutting Room environment.

These include: 

  • providing patients with a guided path through treatment options, based on patient or clinician input of data; 
  • offering opportunities for exploring particular treatment options in more detail based upon individual interest; 
  • the potential for using analytics data about elements viewed to guide subsequent conversations between patients and clinicians.