Digital Creativity Labs (DC Labs) is providing expertise in immersive and interactive technology to fuel an exciting new project that aims to use digital technology to extend theatre towards public urban spaces.

Dedicated to the theme “Concrete Utopias in the Digital Age”, PLAYON! is designed to understand, learn, test and apply immersive technology in order to shift classical storytelling to interactive narrative formats.

A unique collaboration between nine theatres and DC Labs, PLAYON! aims to build on narrative structures currently used in the creative game sector to develop new forms of storytelling, and merge these new forms with a variety of immersive technologies.

With eight universities from the creative digital sector as associated partners, PLAYON! aims to establish new and advancing relationships between artistic practice, professional training and industrial sectors. 

The most visible legacy will be the “conceptual tool-kit”, an open source manual for theatres using immersive technology.

A cooperation project announced by the European Commission under their Culture Funding Stream Creative Europe, PLAYON! will develop a total of 27 productions over four years from 2019 - 2023.

PLAYON! partners: 

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